Survey results

The Library Carpentry Advisory Group (LCAG, conducted a survey with the aim to gain a better understanding of librarians and other information professionals in terms of their training needs, impacts resulting from training and further engagement with The Carpentries community. The survey has been developed by Birgit Schmidt and Konrad Förstner.

The survey was disseminated through various channels, including The Carpentries mailing lists and social media channels, regional mailing lists (e.g. Australia, Asia, Africa), and direct contacts to former workshop participants and instructors (via host institutions).

The survey consisted of 28 questions overall, and was open for responses between 2021-06-14 and 2021-08-25. Overall 113 responses were collected; all respondents shared some information about their experiences with The Carpentries. About two thirds contributed as an individual (79 responses), 25 as a representative of a member institution and further 9 respondents did not specify a role.

## [1] "Just receive e-mails"                                               
## [2] "Want to be more involved (mostly host \"unofficial\" workshops)"    
## [3] "We've hosted one carpentries workshop"                              
## [4] "I only participated as an individual"                               
## [5] "We organise and host \"based on carpentries\" workshops/hacky hours"

Overall, 79 respondents reported that their library already engages with The Carpentries, and several do so in multiple ways. In addition, 19 respondent libraries are not involved yet but they would like to learn more.

Regarding their job roles, respondents were asked to choose up to three work areas.

108 respondents shared information on their job roles. `